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“These are the times that try men’s souls” – Tom Paine

The Palm Beach Freedom Institute

The Palm Beach Freedom Institute promotes education and public policy defending the principles of the American Founding, the exceptionalism of the American experience, and the free exercise of civil rights and civil liberties as protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Freedom should not be a controversial concept in American life today, and yet it is. Even worse, it is under relentless assault. Almost every day, we hear of a new word we may no longer use, a book we may no longer read, a movie we may no longer watch, a voice we may no longer hear.

Long-established elements of our culture become taboo overnight, usually at the dictate of unelected and unaccountable “authorities,” or at the insistence of online mobs who destroy but never create, proscribe but never enlighten, and put down but never lift up.

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We Engage Unapologetically With Controversial Ideas

The Palm Beach Freedom Institute serves the world’s most exciting and fastest growing metropolitan area by engaging unapologetically with controversial ideas and subjects across the spectrum of our society. Our efforts will include:

  • Regular seminars featuring dynamic specialists from our community and around the world in dialogue with our friends and supporters as well as our enemies and opponents
  • Social occasions for free and open discussion, set within the beautiful and stimulating landscape of Palm Beach
  • Events promoting a better understanding of our nation’s cultural heritage for the benefit of our society today
  • Ventures to ensure the free circulation of ideas, unrestrained by “political correctness” or the impositions of “wokeness” and “cancel culture”
  • Legal assistance to individuals facing violations of their rights of free expression and other civil liberties
  • Scholarships for individuals studying now disfavored subjects essential to understanding our nation’s heritage and founding principles
  • Courses on topics ignored or marginalized by our troubled and increasingly deficient system of higher education
  • Curated travel to sites of importance for understanding our Western inheritance

Reject Wokeness and Cancel Culture

The Palm Beach Freedom Institute stands in proud opposition to this ugly and unhealthy trend in our society and seeks to promote the vigorous defense of civil rights and civil liberties, which are essential and undeniable features of our American heritage. By rejecting “wokeness” and “cancel culture,” we uphold freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and freedom of inquiry for ourselves and future generations, and we do it with style!

Thank You For Your Support!

The Palm Beach Freedom Institute gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their generous support:

  • Robert Allen Law
  • Academica Press
  • Professor and Mrs. Paul du Quenoy
  • Robert Allen, Esq.
  • Patricia Flanagan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ottosen
  • Speech First
  • The McAdams Foundation
  • Tim Andersen
  • James Abely
  • The Common Sense Society
  • The William H. Donner Foundation
  • Robin Ganzert
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cowie
  • The Roger and Susan Hertog Charitable Fund
  • Barbara Feingold
  • Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gordon
  • The Paul and Karen Levy Foundation
  • The Claremont Institute
  • The Frick Foundation
  • The National Civic Arts Society
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Raymond
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schnurr
  • Dale Coudert
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Worth