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‘Civil War’ Shows American Divisions Through a Glass, Darkly

Chronicles Magazine – Civil War  Directed and written by Alex Garland – Produced by DNA Films et al. – Distributed by A24 “Holy S***! What a F****** rush!” exclaims Joel, a cocky Hispanic photojournalist, after he watches rebel militants execute uniformed soldiers captured in a firefight early in Alexander Garland’s Civil War. The character, played gratingly
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The Magic City’s Rise

An interview with Miami mayor Francisco Suarez. City Journal – Miami began styling itself “The Magic City” just a month after its incorporation in 1896. In recent years, it has lived up to the name, topping lists of the world’s most successful urban centers. As its staggering real estate prices, heavy traffic, stunning beauty, and aura
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New College’s ceremony was a joyful event. But then juvenile ‘rebels’ took away the joy.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – The New College of Florida faculty chair’s May 29 guest column regarding the college’s graduation exercises, co-authored with five other faculty members, was a distortion. I know, because I attended the graduation ceremony. In fact, the evening of the ceremony was beautiful and the view of Sarasota Bay from the grounds of the
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The Trump Verdict Is a Travesty—but Come November, It Won’t Matter

Newsweek – “The real verdict is going to be [on] November 5, by the people,” solemnly declared former—and perhaps future—president Donald J. Trump on Thursday, just after a Manhattan jury reached a guilty verdict on all 34 counts of business records falsification brought by county district attorney Alvin Bragg in March 2023. Trump is due to
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Biden’s Latest Policy Failure: West Africa

Newsweek – While the Biden administration’s feckless foreign policy team continues to flounder in the Middle East, in sub-Saharan Africa it has invited humiliations of historic proportions. In March, the government of Niger, a military junta that overthrew that country’s democratic government in July 2023, demanded that the United States remove its troop presence, which consists
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Abolishing Diversity Statements Is an Empty Gesture at MIT

Chronicles – Last week, media reports revealed that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will no longer require diversity statements in faculty hiring. The news did not break in a proud official press release from that institution, but in response to an e-mail inquiry to MIT from the journalist John Sailer, who published excerpts from the reply
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Confused Ivy League Presidents Should Look to the Sunshine State

Chronicles  – “The University of Florida is not a daycare,” declared Steve Orlando, a spokesman for the flagship institution of the state’s public university system—consistently rated the country’s best—in an official statement released Monday evening. “We do not treat protesters like children,” he continued, “they knew the rules, they broke the rules, and they will face
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Biden’s new Title IX rules prove it’s time for the DOE to be DOA

New York Post – Biological males in girls’ bathrooms and dorms? Sanctions if you don’t use somebody’s preferred pronouns? Bringing back kangaroo courts for your sons, brothers and fathers? These are only some of the new Title IX rules dictated to you by the US Department of Education’s unelected and unaccountable Office for Civil Rights, which
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Anti-Israel protesters are disrupting our way of life and have to stop causing chaos

New York Post – Interrupting a dean’s dinner at the University of California, Berkeley. Blocking the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges. Shutting down Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. Anti-Israel protesters think they are making a bold political statement, but they’re really just making everyone angry. “Do you think I care?” screamed one angry California motorist
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Curb Your Lefty Law Professors

The Spectator World – The Chemerinsky Dinner and the fate of legal academia. “I am enormously sad that we have students who are so rude as to come into my home, in my backyard, and use this social occasion for their political agenda,” said hapless University of California Berkeley Law dean Erwin Chemerinsky. Last week, Chemerinsky
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Left is still defending OJ because race is more important to them than justice

The New York Times – “O. J. Simpson clearly killed people . . . he murdered his wife,” admitted CUNY professor and frequent media commentator Marc Lamont Hill on his “official” YouTube channel hours after Simpson’s family announced the athlete, entertainer and killer’s death from cancer at the age of 76. Nevertheless, Hill maintained that Simpson’s
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Sorry, media: Florida is still America’s paradise no matter how you spin it

New York Post – NBC News, recently in the news itself for firing ex-Republican National Committee head Ronna McDaniel just 48 hours after the network hired her, ran a pernicious story about Florida by Shannon Pettypiece, NBC News digital senior policy reporter, declaring “rising costs and divisive politics” have people “fleeing the Sunshine State.” As a
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