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UK Elections Show Fake Conservatism Cannot Win

Chronicles – “There’s a lot to react against,” said Margaret Thatcher when she was accused of being a “reactionary” during what turned out to be her victorious 1979 election campaign. Unfortunately, her heirs leading Britain’s shattered Conservative Party never took that wisdom to heart. Now they have suffered the most catastrophic electoral defeat in their party’s
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France, U.K. Elections Were a Loss for Incumbents, Not a Win For the Left

Newsweek – The international Left rejoiced Sunday evening as exit polling in France’s runoff parliamentary elections suggested much lower than expected gains for the country’s Right-wing populist National Rally Party, which was widely expected to win a large plurality—if not an outright majority—of seats in the National Assembly. Coming just three days after the U.K.’s parliamentary
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The Lame Duck in France

City Journal – “Dishonorable alliances have thrown France into the arms of the radical left,” declared the disappointed 28-year-old leader of the National Rally party, Jordan Bardella, on Sunday evening as the results of the second and final round of the country’s parliamentary elections rolled in. Bardella and his allies did worse than predicted, but the
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Progressive Dogma Ensures Dems Will Be Stuck with Biden

Newsweek – Joe Biden turned in an abysmal performance in the first presidential debate Thursday night. Feeble and frail, doddering and incoherent, his acumen was—despite a solid week of preparation allegedly involving 16 senior administration officials—so bad that most commentators, including Left-leaning ones, wrote off his political future. For about 12 hours after the debate concluded,
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Biden’s Debate Lies

Chronicles – Frail and debilitated, dazed and confused, mumbling and incoherent, President Joe Biden’s dismal verbal and cognitive performance in his first debate against the former, and as now seems increasingly likely, future President Donald J. Trump, by itself proves that Biden is almost certainly incapable of serving another term and, in some minds, unlikely even
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Time to Bring the Feds Down on Antisemitic Colleges

Newsmax – On June 17, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights issued its first two findings in investigations into campus hate incidents resulting from Hamas’ horrific Oct. 7 attack on Israel. According to the department’s announcement, both the City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of Michigan “failed to respond promptly or effectively
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Tyson Foods’ Shameful Juneteenth Replacement Celebration

Chronicles – In 2021 we were told emphatically that  Juneteenth would not replace the Fourth of July as America’s major national holiday, despite the fact that the newest federal holiday’s official name is literally “Juneteenth National Independence Day.” At most, progressive editorialists lectured us at the time, Juneteenth would merely equal or complement the true Independence
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EU Elections Are a Harbinger for November in the United States

Newsweek – Establishment Europe got a rude jolt on Sunday, when the European Union‘s 360 million citizens registered unprecedented support for far-Right populist parties—conservative nationalist groupings relegated to the fringe only a few years ago. In France, the opposition Rassemblement National (RN) party won more than twice the votes of French President Emmanuel Macron‘s flagging Renaissance
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‘Civil War’ Shows American Divisions Through a Glass, Darkly

Chronicles Magazine – Civil War  Directed and written by Alex Garland – Produced by DNA Films et al. – Distributed by A24 “Holy S***! What a F****** rush!” exclaims Joel, a cocky Hispanic photojournalist, after he watches rebel militants execute uniformed soldiers captured in a firefight early in Alexander Garland’s Civil War. The character, played gratingly
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The Magic City’s Rise

An interview with Miami mayor Francisco Suarez. City Journal – Miami began styling itself “The Magic City” just a month after its incorporation in 1896. In recent years, it has lived up to the name, topping lists of the world’s most successful urban centers. As its staggering real estate prices, heavy traffic, stunning beauty, and aura
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New College’s ceremony was a joyful event. But then juvenile ‘rebels’ took away the joy.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – The New College of Florida faculty chair’s May 29 guest column regarding the college’s graduation exercises, co-authored with five other faculty members, was a distortion. I know, because I attended the graduation ceremony. In fact, the evening of the ceremony was beautiful and the view of Sarasota Bay from the grounds of the
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The Trump Verdict Is a Travesty—but Come November, It Won’t Matter

Newsweek – “The real verdict is going to be [on] November 5, by the people,” solemnly declared former—and perhaps future—president Donald J. Trump on Thursday, just after a Manhattan jury reached a guilty verdict on all 34 counts of business records falsification brought by county district attorney Alvin Bragg in March 2023. Trump is due to
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