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For the Flying Public It’s a Lose, Lose

Newsmax – Did your plane skid off the runway? Did a side panel of your 737 blow out mid-flight due to “loose bolts?” Did an engine on your jet burst into flames midair? Did an oxygen leak prevent your plane from leaving Davos on time? All of these infelicities of modern air travel have happened in
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NPR’s Demise Long Overdue

Newsmax – “Trump is a racist,” tweeted former Wikimedia Foundation president Katherine Maher in 2018. Maher further posted “white silence is complicity,” excused Los Angeles looters for reacting against America’s “system of oppression,” confessed culpability for her own “whiteness,” and denounced her home state of Connecticut for, she claims, having amassed wealth through slavery. As investigative
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Memory Challenged

City Journal – Was President Biden’s disastrous press conference the beginning of the end? “My memory is fine!” insisted a defensive President Joe Biden at a hastily convened press conference last Thursday, at which he identified Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the president of Mexico and blanked on the name of the cathedral where he
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Biden’s to Blame for Attack on U.S. Servicemembers in Jordan

Newsweek – It was bound to happen eventually. After over 170 attacks against U.S. military installations across the Middle East since October 2023, on Sunday a drone launched by Iran-backed militants in Syria struck a U.S. supply and logistics site in Jordan. Three American servicemembers were killed and more than 30 were injured. Along with two
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It’s Not OK To Be Claudine Gay: Harvard’s President Resigns

The European Conservative – To much popular outrage, Harvard announced that Gay will remain employed as a professor, apparently in good standing and at a salary of about $900,000 per year. “The next president of Harvard University MUST be a black woman,” posted the black commentator Marc Lamont Hill on January 3rd, the day after that
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Lessons from the removal of Harvard’s president

The Spectator – Her decision to leave Harvard’s presidency is not a real goodbye. “This is not a decision I came to easily,” wrote disgraced former Harvard University President Claudine Gay of her resignation just after New Years. That might be the only honest thing Gay has said about the debilitating scandal in which she has
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An Embattled Mayor

A lagging economy, rising crime, new scandals, and budget problems have left their mark on Eric Adams’s first two years in office. City Journal – “This is a very, very complicated city,” New York mayor Eric Adams told WPIX television journalist Dan Mannarino earlier this week, “and that’s why it’s the greatest city on the globe.”
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Purging the Presidents

City Journal – Lessons from the University of Pennsylvania As recently as Friday, the prospect of reforming American institutions of higher education looked like a lost cause. Despite last week’s disastrous congressional testimony by Penn’s Liz Magill, MIT’s Sally Kornbluth, and Harvard’s Claudine Gay, in which none could definitively state that calling for genocide violates institutional
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Why University Presidents Are (Almost) Never Fired

City Journal – Even amid recent events, deferential trustees are likely to keep incumbents in power. Earlier this week, the presidents of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and MIT beclowned themselves before the House education committee, collectively demurring with vacuous appeals to “context” when asked whether calls for the mass killing of a people constitute harassment
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Well, Excuse Me

City Journal – You can still buy Steve Martin’s sexually explicit novel in Florida—you just can’t put it in elementary schools. “So proud to have my book Shopgirl banned in Collier County, Florida! Now people who want to read it will have to buy a copy!” proclaimed comedian Steve Martin on his Facebook and Instagram pages
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Mayor Adams Goes DeSantis

City Journal – New York is now offering illegal immigrants a free one-way flight out of town. America’s border crisis is so vast that even New York City mayor Eric Adams admits it’s a problem. In January, Adams announced that the migrants taking refuge in his city, which boasts a universal but increasingly theoretical “right to
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Diminished Prestige

City Journal – President Biden has been solid, so far, in pledging support for Israel, but a long trail of bad policies has weakened the American hand in the Middle East. “We’re the United States of America, for God’s sake!” an exasperated President Biden told 60 Minutes the day after Hamas’s horrific attacks on Israel. “We’re
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