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The Paul du Quenoy Prize

The Paul du Quenoy Prize is an annual award recognizing individuals who have exposed absurd or unethical practices in academic institutions and media organizations. It is named in honor of the Palm Beach Freedom Institute’s president, the historian, critic, investor, and philanthropist Paul du Quenoy, whose experiences in and critiques of academia motivated the Prize’s founders to honor and incentivize the exposure of misdeeds in vital areas of public life in which practitioners are rarely held accountable for their actions. 

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Prizewinner Selection

Prizewinners are selected by a committee of private individuals concerned with promoting higher standards of integrity in academia and journalism. The Paul du Quenoy Prize is awarded annually around the time of Professor du Quenoy’s birthday (November 15). Winners are invited to speak to the Palm Beach Freedom Institute. Winners with relevant book projects in development will also be offered contracts with Academica Press, a leading independent publisher of general non-fiction based in Washington, DC and London.

Prize Recipient

The Prize’s first recipient, for 2019, was the eminent British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton (1944-2020), who, regrettably, could not travel to accept the Prize due to a cancer diagnosis that claimed his life. Sir Roger graciously agreed, however, to accept the Prize honorarily as its first recipient. Sir Roger won the Prize in recognition of his summary dismissal without due process from an uncompensated British government post after a journalist deliberately misrepresented interview statements to smear him as a racist. After the true contents of the interview were revealed, an outcry led to Sir Roger’s restoration by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Johnson’s first day in office. Sir Roger received public apologies from the publication in question and from the journalist, who was demoted.

Nominations & Winners

Nominations for the Paul du Quenoy Prize are accepted on a rolling basis and may be deferred if a current year’s prizewinner has already been selected.

Sponsorship opportunities are available upon inquiry, and donations to benefit award recipients are welcomed in the spirit of building a fairer and more just knowledge and information sector. 

The Paul du Quenoy Prize Winners

  • 2023 – Cherise Trump
  • 2022 – Ilya Shapiro
  • 2021 – Professor Joshua Katz
  • 2020 – Dr. Leslie Gruis
  • 2019 – Sir Roger Scruton