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Left is still defending OJ because race is more important to them than justice

The New York Times – “O. J. Simpson clearly killed people . . . he murdered his wife,” admitted CUNY professor and frequent media commentator Marc Lamont Hill on his “official” YouTube channel hours after Simpson’s family announced the athlete, entertainer and killer’s death from cancer at the age of 76.

Nevertheless, Hill maintained that Simpson’s 1995 acquittal was the “correct and necessary result of a racist criminal legal system.”

“He should have been found not guilty,” Hill continued.

“It’s a referendum on the system.”

That’s who is teaching your children, America. A college professor saying that it’s OK to let a murderer go free — as long as it sticks it to “the system.”

The evidence against Simpson was overwhelming.

His hair, blood, shoe prints, glove and DNA were found at the crime scene.

The victims’ blood and DNA were found there, in Simpson’s car, on his clothing and along a path leading from his car to his front door.

Multiple witnesses observed him leaving his home in dark clothes just before the murders were committed and returning shortly thereafter, with no alibi.

Prosecutors identified 62 incidents of harassment, assault and death threats against his ex-wife during and after his troubled marriage, including an assault conviction following a no-contest plea.

Instead of submitting to arrest for the double homicide, Simpson attempted to flee in a nationally televised car chase.

The sole mitigating factor, which Hill and those like him believe more important than all other evidence combined, is that one police officer involved in the case had previously used the “N-word.”

A predominantly black jury felt that was enough for reasonable doubt, and racial politics alone were enough to gain freedom for Simpson, a criminally accused black man, and deny justice to his victims, who were white.

The Simpson decision was bad enough, but the tragedy is how that 1995 verdict became the left’s de facto stance.

If you thought Hill was saying the quiet part out loud, tune into CNN, where commentator Ashley Allison claimed on air that Simpson “represented something for the black community . . . because there were two white people who had been killed.”

She followed this appalling justification of murdering whites by cautioning that “we will always have moments like O. J. Simpson.”

Allison is no outlier.

She was a senior staffer of President Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, worked on his transition team, served as an Obama administration senior policy adviser and was a fellow of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Try asking her if “all lives matter” and see if you get a more encouraging response than White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre’s insulting statement that the administration’s “thoughts are with [Simpson’s] family during this difficult time,” with no mention of the victims or their families.

While you’re at it, pose the same question to any George Soros-funded district attorney, starting with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, whose campaign website declared it is “morally indefensible” to prosecute crimes that lead to disproportionate incarceration of blacks.

Since Bragg’s election, his office has radically reduced prosecutions for felony offenses and instead criminally charged heroes like Marine veteran Daniel Penny for daring to defend themselves and others.

Was O. J. guilty of anything?

According to Hill, he was a “monster” for having “abandoned his community” and created a “social network that was filled with white people.” “O. J. wanted no part of black people,” Hill lamented in his YouTube video, “O. J. abandoned black people. O. J. didn’t show any love or care for black people. . . . O. J. didn’t give to black causes. O. J. didn’t invest in black communities. O. J. didn’t spend any time with black people. O. J. didn’t marry a black woman after he left his first wife for the world of whiteness.”

In other words, Orenthal James Simpson’s epitaph should not be that he was a bad killer but that he was “too white.” So much for racial healing.


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